Course Maintenance Update – 06/20

Posted on Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

I have been asked why the courses are so wet. The reason is because we are bracing both courses for the extreme heat this week. The norm for this time of year is 105 degrees. This week the forecast is for temps to reach 121 degrees. There isn’t a day in the next ten days that is forecasted to be under 110 degrees. Those are not ideal growing conditions for any kind of plant or grass known to man. Even native plants and cacti will shut down and go into a survival mode when temperatures get to that point. When the temperatures peak between 1 pm and 5 pm the extra water helps the grass survive. Without it tees, greens, and fairways will wilt and go brown. In the past we have been conservative with the watering during these conditions and have seen the courses suffer for it. We will be able to reduce the amount of water we apply when the monsoon rolls in in the next few weeks. Even though the monsoon does not always bring us rain, it always brings humidity which reduces the amount of moisture the grass loses each day. This allows us to reduce the amount of water we apply. Right now we are fighting a very dry heat.

Another question I have been asked is why we are hand watering at the RJP Lakes course when we have a new irrigation system. The answer is because we are not watering a flat surface like a football field or soccer field. The golf course has peaks, valleys, and slopes. Water will always run downhill. North facing slopes will be wetter than south facing slopes. Another factor is wind. I have come out to both courses many times in the evening to watch water that should be sprayed in a given direction go the opposite direction because of wind. The following day the area that did not get watered uniformly as the new irrigation system directed it to turns into a dry spot. Instead of turning big rotor sprinklers on it is more practical and efficient to water these areas by hand or with a portable sprinkler. When agronomist Brian Whitlark from the USGA came out to visit the RJP course a few months after the LIP was completed, he clearly stated that hand watering will still be necessary with a new irrigation system. It is also stated in his 2016 USGA report on page 3.

With that been said, I hope everyone stays cool and has a safe and happy summer.

David Escobedo GCS

USGA Reports

2017 On-Site Visit Report: February 21, 2017

2016 On-Site Visit Report (Vistas): February 16, 2016

2016 On-Site Visit Report (Lakes): February 15, 2016

WBVGC Superintendent, David Escobedo and the Irish Open

Posted on Thursday, April 6th, 2017

WBVGC is mighty lucky to have David Escobedo as our Course Superintendent!  We can look at our beautiful courses and see the results of his crew’s hard work and David’s “know how”.  We are not the only ones who recognize David’s many talents.

TurfNet scours the world for the best Course Superintendents to find the few who meet the qualifications and talent to get an invitation as a guest Superintendent for the European Tour’s Irish Open.  This year, the Irish Open will be at Portstewart Golf Club, Portstewart, Ireland.  

This is no golf vacation.  Those selected can expect to work from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. getting the course ready for, and during, the big event. And they go proudly, so they can rub elbows with the elite of their craft, not to mention the top golfers in Europe.

David is one of only two Superintendents selected to represent the Southwest. Desert Highland’s Superintendent in Scottsdale is the second.

David has been in the golf greens and grounds world for over 35 years.  He started when he was 15 years old.  His first 12 years were at The Springs Country Club in Mirage, California.  In 1996, he moved to Arizona to work at the Country Club at DC Ranch in Scottsdale. From there he worked at the Palmbrook Country Club from 2002-2012.  And then we were able to bring his experience and talent to WBVGC.

David’s trip to Ireland begins June 29 and ends on July 10.  TurfNet covers most of the expenses, however, airfare and personal expenses are not covered!  To that end, WBVGC would like to lend a hand.  If you, or your golfing group, would like to help in the expenses, look for the “drop box” in either Pro Shop from 6 – 31 April.  Let’s show David how proud we are of his selection for this prestigious honor and for all he has done for us!

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