Westbrook Village

"Preferred Lies" Local Rule is in Effect

Both courses are starting to come through the normal summer transition with the recent humidity we have had. While we are still in the transition season we will continue to utilize the Club Local Preferred Lies Rule.

The “Preferred Lies” local rule may only be used in a closely mown area (fairway) and a player may:

  1. Mark their ball first. (Failure to mark their ball will be a 1 stroke penalty)
  2. Lift up the ball
  3. (Optional) Clean the ball
  4. *Place the ball within 6 inches of the original location, no closer to the hole.
*If you are in a closely mown area where no grass is found within 6 inches, you may move to the nearest grass, no closer to the hole.

The Club’s Local Rules may be found in the members section of the Club website.

WBVGC Local Rules
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