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Cart Path Only All Day @ Both Golf Courses, Wednesday, February 7th, 2024

Both courses will be CART PATH ONLY today. 


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WBVGC:  Winter is Here - Frost Delay Policy - Cold Weather This Morning Leading to 1st Frost Delay of the Season


Winter is Here.. Sort Of (It's Still Better Than Last Year)

This morning's chilly weather brought about our first Frost Delay of the season, a common occurrence around this time of year, as evidenced by the first delays of the last two seasons on December 10th and 16th, respectively. We try to adjust by scheduling tee times a bit later to cope with the colder mornings. However, our options are constrained due to the high volume of play, the cold, and limited daylight hours.

During the cooler months from December to February, it's essential for members to check for frost delays before coming to the course. You can obtain up-to-date course conditions and delays by calling the club at 623.566.4548, where the latest information will be the first announcement. Please pay attention to the date mentioned in the message, as complete details are typically available by around 7:30 am. Additionally, information can be checked online in the members' portal or at Westbrook Village Golf Course Conditions - Frost. Staff will also disseminate Chelsea emails with updated times in case of any delays.

Frost Delay Policy

In order to provide equal opportunity for playing time to both morning and afternoon players, the following policy will apply when play is delayed due to frost.   

  • The Golf Shop will maintain a log of frost delays for both golf courses.
  • The Golf Course Superintendent will determine the length of each frost delay. 
  • The first frost delay on a given day of the week of the winter golf season, PLAN A will be in effect. Under PLAN A, all tee times will be delayed by the length of the morning frost delay. In this case, depending on the length of delay, scheduled afternoon golfers may not have available daylight to complete 18 holes of play. 
  • The second instance a frost delay on a given day of the week for either course "where afternoon times from the initial draw will not finish before dark", PLAN B will be in effect.  Under PLAN B, all scheduled tee times prior to the lifting of the frost delay will be cancelled.
  • For example, during a PLAN B delay, if the Golf Course Superintendent determines the course is available for play beginning at 9 A.M., then players scheduled for 9 A.M. will be the first tee time for that day, and all scheduled tee times earlier than 9 A.M. will be cancelled, resulting in no delays for the remainder of the day.  Those players, whose tee times were cancelled due to the frost delay, may choose to play at an available tee time later in the day. 

Exceptions to the above policy will be made for Association play.  All Associations always follow PLAN A, and all other tee times will be delayed at the course(s) where the Association is playing.  If an Association is using one course and there is no Association play at the other course, the alternating PLAN A or PLAN B will be in effect according to the frost delay log maintained by the Golf Shop.

The Golf Shop will decide each day whether to implement PLAN A or PLAN B for each course, based on the procedures outlined above and the overall outcomes at the club. While there is no perfect method, we alternate between Plan A and Plan B to ensure a more equitable balance. This is because our member tee-times are determined by a lottery draw rather than individual selection.

What will the next frost delay be? Today marked the season's first frost delay. It's important to note that under Plan A, which was in effect today (Thursday), some groups from the draw will be unable to complete their rounds due to darkness. The next Thursday when play from the draw is unable to finish, we will implement Plan B. For all other days of the week, we will continue to use Plan A until a frost delay occurs where groups from the draw cannot finish their rounds.

Day of Week Vistas Lakes
Monday Plan A Plan A
Tuesday (Charter Play) Plan A Plan A
Wednesday (Charter Play) Plan A Plan A
Thursday Plan B Plan B
Friday (Charter Play) Plan A Plan A
Saturday (Charter Play) Plan A Plan A
Sunday Plan A Plan A


Please continue to fill your divots and fix yours and others' ball marks. Our cart path restrictions were removed last week, so it should be a little easier to now have divot mix present after your shot. If you fill yours as well as another, we should soon have no divots to fill other than new ones we make :)

Help out the club and volunteer to be on one of our divot repair teams. Bob Jungbluth and Dwight Groves do an outstanding job each season recruiting fellow members to help keep the courses beautiful.

Lakes Divot Repair Team Contact
Robert Jungbluth
507 363 9004

Vistas Divot Repair Team Contact
Dwight Groves
507 573 2935


As the days gradually lengthen, we plan to introduce shotgun starts on our busiest days. This strategy will help us better accommodate member play, making the most of the available daylight while managing the increased demand.

Thank you for being members of such a great club. Stay warm and have a great holiday season!

Frost Delay 50 Minutes at both Golf Courses Today December 14, 2023

50 Minute Frost Delay @ Both Golf Course

Please Check Chelsea for new Tee Time

Thursday December 14, 2023


Course Maintenance Update - Vistas Hole #18 Xeriscaping


With the arrival of cooler temperatures, starting next week, we will begin removing 3.5 acres of irrigated turf from holes #1, #5, #10, #15, and #18 at the Vistas course. Despite the ongoing work, playing conditions will not be affected during this process, which will span several weeks.

As many of you are aware, the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) has set forth a mandate that golf courses in Arizona must limit their irrigated turf to 90 acres by 2025. The Vistas Course is currently exceeding the acreage limit by approximately 10 acres. To comply, we will gradually remove 10 acres of irrigated turf from the course over the next several years.

As always, we are committed to both maintaining excellent playing conditions and adhering to the ADWR's water usage guidelines.

Wishing you all a blessed, and safe winter season.


Both Courses Closed for Golf Today - Saturday, November 18 - Due to Heavy Rain and Standing Water - Rained Out Sale in the Golf Shops

Due to the Rain, Both Courses are Closed for Play and Practice
All Day - Saturday, November 18th

Unfortunately, it looks like golf is off the agenda today, as both courses and ranges are closed due to our first major rainfall since March (yep that's 7 months). It's an old saying, but true in this case: when it rains, it pours, especially since we've had such a dry spell lately. However, there's good news on the horizon. According to the forecasts, the weather is expected to be very pleasant for the rest of the week.

It's extremely wet outside, so for the courses protection, please refrain from driving through either of the golf courses for the entire day.

There seems to be a lot of sniffles going around lately, so I'd like to remind you to stay dry and warm today. If you do need to venture out, be cautious of the Phoenix drivers. They often struggle with driving in the rain, so it's best to be extra careful.

While the weather may not be ideal for golf, there's a silver lining: today is a perfect day for enjoying some Netflix and College Football. But if that's not quite your cup of tea, why not take advantage of our 1-day Rained Out Sale in the Golf Shop? There's something for everyone to enjoy today!

Thank you for helping to protect our courses by staying off of them throughout the day. In this part of the world, rain is a rare occurrence, and though we'd prefer it in smaller, more frequent amounts, we have to make the best of what we receive. Have a wonderful day, stay dry, and enjoy your unexpected day off from golf.

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