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Course Conditions

Lakes #5 Casual Water/Flood from City Main Line Break in HOA - Strategic Slicing - Member Credit Update

The City has sprung a leak! A major break in the City Main Water Line has occurred within our HOA, right by Lakes Course #5. This unexpected turn of events has led to some rather extensive flooding around the green at Lakes #5 Green, giving it a bit more water than anyone bargained for!

To help manage the situation and ensure everyone can still enjoy their game, we've shifted tee times to start on the back-9 at the Lakes today. We appreciate your flexibility! Given the soggy circumstances, the waterlogged area will need a few days to drain, so we've roped it off for safety. In the meantime, all carts are kindly asked to detour near the #6 tee.

For those that unfortunately find the large casual water: You take free relief by finding the nearest point of complete relief where you are clear of the puddle and then drop your original ball or another ball away from the puddle and within one club-length of that point not nearer the hole (see Rule 16.1b). You will most likely not find the ball ;) 

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this cleanup. And hey, just imagine how challenging this hole would be if it were an actual water hazard! Stay dry out there, and happy golfing!


Enhancing Turf Health with Strategic Slicing

As we gear up for the warmer days ahead, you might notice some new additions to our fairways and greens—small lines etched into the ground. This is all part of our proactive approach to prepare for the upcoming summer season. We've started slicing the turf to loosen the soil and enhance airflow to the grass roots, a crucial step to ensure our turf stays healthy.

This isn't new; we've been employing this technique for the past few seasons, and it's proven to significantly improve our turf conditions. We appreciate your understanding as we continue to maintain and enhance the quality of our course.


Credit Book Usage Update - It Does Not Need to be Spent by May 31

There's understandably been a bit of confusion surrounding recent emails about the use of credit book funds. I want to clarify that there is NO requirement for members to use their credit money by May 31. If any of you made purchases to stay under the $100 mark based on my previous emails and wish to return those items, please stop by the golf shop. We're here to help sort everything out for you.

I apologize for any misunderstanding caused by my earlier messages. Thank you for your continued membership and support of the Club. We value each and every one of you!

April 1 - Both Courses Closed Due to Rain - Golf Shops and Ranges Open for a Rainout Sale and Practice


Both Courses are Closed Today - April 1
Mother Nature has, once again, decided that our beloved courses need a bit more... hydration than expected. Early this morning, we received a generous 3/4 inch of rainfall, transforming our greens and fairways into an adventurous assortment of spontaneous lakes and meandering rivers. As such, both of our courses will be taking a brief break today to soak it all in.

However, every cloud has a silver lining, and in this case, it's a shiny, irresistible "Rained Out Sale" at our golf shops! To brighten up your day, we're offering:

  • Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off on all tops and bottoms. Mix and match to your heart's content!
  • An exclusive 25% Off on all "Branded Bill" hats to keep you stylish, come rain or shine.
  • A solid 20% Off on all in-stock Cleveland Clubs, because why not upgrade your game?
  • And 20% Off XXIO and Srixon Golf Balls to ensure you're always ready to hit the fairway.

For those who still wish to defy the elements and work on their swing, our ranges will be open for most of the day. Just swing by the golf shop to get started.

We appreciate your understanding and hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity to stock up on some great Westbrook gear at even better prices. Here's to hoping we'll see the sun sooner rather than later, but until then, let's make the most of a rainy day!

Easter Day - Courses Closed Due to Rain - Golf Shops Open until 2pm for Flash Easter Rainout Sale



As we celebrate this joyous Easter, it seems the weather has decided to join in with its own version of an Easter shower. Due to heavy rainfall and the forecast indicating an extended downpour throughout the day, we regret to inform you that both courses will remain closed today.

However, not all is lost! In true Easter spirit, we're hosting a special Easter Rainout Sale at the golf shops, open today until 2pm. Hop on over for some egg-citing deals: Buy 1 and get 50% off on shirts and pants/skorts, enjoy a 25% discount on Srixon balls, swing into a 20% saving on in-stock Cleveland Clubs, and bag a 20% discount on in-stock bags.

It's the perfect opportunity to refresh your golfing wardrobe or gear up for sunny days ahead. Let's make the most of this Easter, rain or shine!

Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed Easter.

Spring into Action - Help Maintain Our Course by Filling Divots on the Tees, Fairways and Now the Rough

We are now requesting that you fill divots on the tees, fairways, and rough. During the winter months we do not fill divots in the rough since it is not overseeded, and we want to prevent winter grass from growing in those areas. However, now that spring has arrived, we have removed the winter seed from our mixture. Consequently, we ask that you fill divots on the tees, fairways, and now the rough.

Your Part in This Initiative

Filling divots is more than just a courtesy; it's a responsibility that each player has towards the course and their fellow golfers. By using our sand mixture to fill divots on the tees, fairways, and rough, you are directly contributing to the course's overall health and beauty. Here’s how you can help:

  • Locate the Sand Mixture: Bins filled with our new sand mixture are conveniently located at the cart barns and on par 3 tee boxes throughout the course. Please make use of them to fill your divots or notice an unfilled divot.

  • Fill Divots Properly: When filling a divot, please ensure that you use an adequate amount of the sand mixture to level the affected area with the surrounding surface. This practice encourages a smoother, more uniform recovery. We don't want mounds and we don't want holes, it should be smooth.

  • Spread the Word: Encourage your fellow golfers to participate in this practice. A collective effort will significantly amplify the positive impact on our course.


Help out the club and volunteer to be on one of our divot repair teams. Bob Jungbluth and Dwight Groves do an outstanding job each season recruiting fellow members to help keep the courses beautiful.

Lakes Divot Repair Team Contact
Robert Jungbluth
507 363 9004

Vistas Divot Repair Team Contact
Dwight Groves
507 573 2935


A Shared Commitment to Excellence

By working together, we can ensure that our courses remain in top condition, offering a challenging yet fair test of golf for players of all skill levels.

We are confident that this practice will be continued and enhanced by our membership, and we look forward to seeing the positive effects it will have on our beloved courses. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and commitment to this important aspect of course care. Let’s all do our part to keep our golf club looking its best, ensuring enjoyable rounds for everyone.

Thank you,

Cart Path Only All Day @ Both Golf Courses, Wednesday, February 7th, 2024

Both courses will be CART PATH ONLY today. 


Thank you,


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