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Do I have to post that score?

What is an Acceptable Score?

  • If 14 or more holes are played in an 18-hole round
  • If 7 to 13 holes are played post 9-holes
  • Scores made in match play, stroke play and team competitions
  • Scores made under Rule 3.2 when a hole is not played = par plus any h/c strokes you would have received for that hole.
  • Scores made under Rule 3.3 when a player does not hole out= what you would probably have scored, = with a max double bogey plus h/c strokes received for that hole. AKA, Net double bogey.
  • Scores made if a player is disqualified from a competition but has an acceptable score = ie failed to sign ,
  • Scores made when played by the Rules of Golf = you are expected to play the best golf you can.
  • Scores made when played on a course during its active season = mainly applies to golf courses up north (winter )
  • Scores made in the company of at least one other person, who can also act as a marker
  • Scores should be posted (before midnight ) the day of the round being played.
  • Scores must be adjusted properly for handicap purposes - for ESC (Equitable Stroke= this can be done for you if you post hole by hole.

For more information search USGA postings rules

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