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In the News - Arizona Golf, Water Usage & Restrictions


Water availability/sustainability in Arizona is not a new topic, but it has been a hot topic for the media the past couple of weeks. Arizona is the second fastest growing state in the country and the Greater Phoenix Area has led the country in growth the last five years. Water is essential for this growth and our demand is overtaking our current supply of water. This means this new hot topic will not be going away anytime soon.

Last week there was an unfortunate article published in the Arizona Republic placing accusations that Arizona golf courses use much more water than they are allotted. Many of the stats and usage numbers that were utilized in the article were outdated and/or incorrect. The Arizona Golf Association along with the Arizona Alliance for Golf put out a response to help fill in some of the missing pieces and correct information where needed.

Arizona Republic Article - "Arizona golf courses use more water than they're supposed to. Nothing is stopping them."
Arizona Golf Alliance for Golf - Initial Response
Arizona Golf Association & Arizona Golf Alliance for Golf - Coordinated Response
There is no doubt that water availability is and will continue to be an issue in Arizona. Westbrook Village Golf Club (WBVGC) understands this and has been continually modifying both of our beautiful courses and water practices we use to meet and exceed expectations for future water constraints within our industry. Just over the past seven years WBVGC has:
  • Added a new irrigation system at our Lakes Course that allows us to control each sprinkler head independently as opposed to in groups of heads.
  • Completed an extensive xeriscaping of our Lakes course by removing unnecessary turf and replacing it with natural desert terrain.
  • Continued to modify and xeriscape areas on both courses to reduce our water needs.
  • Sod needed areas with newer hybrid bermudagrasses. Some new variations require up to 40% less water than our original bermudagrass.
WBVGC is very fortunate to have our own wells and water rights. However, this does not preclude us from water regulations and doing our part to keep Arizona flourishing. We are a fortunate club that is ahead of the game regarding water preservation. Rest assured, all Arizona golf courses are working to reduce their water usage. Water is an extremely high cost for those that are not as fortunate as we are and especially for those that did not start planning sooner.

The golf industry has been a frontier in water conservation while providing needed green to the overgrowing concrete jungles around them. As with everything in life, people have a tendency to jump to conclusions without knowing all the facts or attempting to understand the how’s, why’s and what’s that go into the overall process. There is always more to it than you think.

For now we can thank mother nature for this rare humidity and rain we have had. It has sure helped the grounds crew in making our two courses look amazing in the middle of August!


Brandon Evans II, PGA
Director of Golf
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