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WBVGC: Both Courses are in Great Condition - We have Updated the Summer Close Schedule for September

We are Playing the Ball Down
This humidity we have had for the past couple weeks coupled with the great job the grounds crew has brought both courses into amazing condition. A few weeks ago we removed the temporary WBVGC Local Preferred Lies Rule that was posted at both golf shops. The courses are in the best shape we have seen them for August in a very long time, please remember to play the ball down (as it lies). We will remain this way until we begin to scalp the Vistas course in late September

Summer Close Dates Update
The 2022 Summer Close Schedule has been updated and can be located in the the golf shop, locker rooms and online (home page (https://www.westbrookvillagegolf.com/filemanager/files/shares/2022/summer/2022_CourseClosed_20220826.pdf) & calendar (https://www.westbrookvillagegolf.com/calendar) ). Note: We will be closed at the Vistas both September 27th and 28th in order to assist the grounds crews in prepping for the Vistas overseed.

As a reminder, the overseed dates are as follows:
Vistas Closed (October 3 - October 21)
Lakes Closed (October 17 - November 4)
Both Courses Closed (October 17 - October 21)

The Vistas Course is scheduled to be cart paths only Oct. 22 - Nov. 4
The Lakes Course is scheduled to be cart paths only Nov. 5 - Nov. 18

Please keep in mind that all maintenance dates are subject to change based on maintenance needs.
Full Summer Close Schedule (Updated 8/26) 
This humidity is a bit different for our desert and players. However, our tropical bermudagrass loves it. Right now the grass is growing at a rate that is difficult to keep up with and roughs will remain deeper than normal until after overseed. August is always a slower month, however, we along with most other courses in the valley have started to see a drop in play numbers from past Augusts. If you can bear the sticky heat, now is the time to play, the courses are great and it is not that crowded.

Have a great weekend,

Brandon Evans II, PGA
Director of Golf

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Upcoming Events
  • 10.03 - Vistas Closed for Overseed
  • 10.05 - MGA @ Lakes
  • 10.06 - 10/6 Chef Peter's Oktoberfest (4-8PM)
  • 10.08 - Weekend Men @ Lakes
  • 10.12 - MGA @ Lakes