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WBVGC: Lakes Course Opens Today - Great Overseed - Find Out What Is New!


Lakes Course Opens
Today, Saturday, November 5th

The Lakes is scheduled Cart Path Only until Saturday, November 19th

View the Flyover from Friday, November 4th - Course Looks Amazing!

Well, we never really had a fall. Instead we went from summer directly to winter with pretty cold weather for most of the Lakes overseed. However, the winter Perennial Rye has come around great and the Lakes Course looks amazing. David, Jose and their crews have done an outstanding job getting the Lakes course through the 2022 overseed and they are sure you will be happy with the results.

Over the last season we have been working hard on various projects throughout the Lakes course, many having to do with further xeriscaping in order to meet future water restrictions. Below are a few of these changes/additions.

Lakes Hole #1 Green Area and #2 Tee Area

The area of pre-existing xeriscaping that started behind the middle of #1 green down past #2 tee-box has always been an issue with water drainage during our monsoons and other storms with runoff from the HOA. The grounds crews do their best to get to these wash out areas, but it generally takes a bit of time as they still have to maintain the courses first before they can get to the non-integral parts of the course such as the xeriscaped areas and then another rain will just wash it out again.

In order to limit future rutting and standing water (mosquito breeding ground), we have introduced a 1/2" crushed granite 20 yards to the right of #1 green that extends down past #2 tee-box. The typical crushed granite we use elsewhere on the course is 1/4" minus (1/4" granite with finer particles throughout).

The area between #1 green and #2 tee is a large unused area that would often look unkept, especially after rains. The 1/2" crushed rock gives it a much better appearance. We have also added some much larger riprap rock in a stream design that also helps with the HOA runoff.

There have already been a few questions about how to play your ball if it finishes in the 1/2" crushed granite. The golf committee with the USGA guidance has determined that since this is a designed desert xeriscape area and is 20 yards from the green, you must play your ball as it lies or take an unplayable lie if you deem it unplayable. The area is very playable, but does have a more course stone.

Lakes #3 & #4 Extended Xeriscaping

Lakes Hole #3 had a lot of grass just in front of the tee box and surrounding the green. We have connected the two desert areas on the left and right side of the hole and also on the back side of the green and around #4 tee-boxes.

While these areas were targeted for water savings, they have added a completely new visual appeal to the holes. Hole #3 is now basically an island of grass, still with plenty of grass, but a very nice visual contrast that showcases a central Arizona desert look with greenery. In addition, the teeing area of #4 now has a nice contrast that helps make the fairway up ahead stand out and give the hole a nice new look with a riprap drainage stream that runs to the side of the tees.

Lakes #5 Teeing Ground

There was again a lot of grass near the Hole #5 teeing areas and much of this grass was not an integral part of the golf course. As this area is much steeper in slope than the Hole #4 teeing area, we again utilized the bigger 1/2" crushed granite to limit rutting and standing water after heavy rains. In a similar fashion to Hole #2, #3, and #4 we have begun to add the larger riprap in a drainage design to help control the flow of runoff from the HOA. 

This area is still ongoing and not yet complete, but we plan to add more desert plants that do not require much water and will add to our Central Arizona desert landscaping.

Lakes #18 Xeriscaping (Right of the Lakes)

Hole #18 at the Lakes has more grass than any other hole on the course. However, it is also one of our most scenic holes that is viewed by many driving by or to the club.

One area we were able to target for water savings was the long stretch of grass that went between the homes and the right side of the Lake. This is not only an area that is not integral, it was also an area that was extremely difficult and dangerous to maintain as it is very steep. Over the summer our crews have been working hard to unload a larger diameter crushed granite all along the side of the lake that also extends back behind the green, past our pump house and to the cart path.

This is a very large reduction in turf removal and has again added a very nice visual contour that makes the fairway really stand out and pop. This area is still under construction and will be completed throughout the winter.

As you can see by the video flyover and images above, the staff has been working very hard to create a beautiful course for you to play. While the xeriscape projects were created to save water, they have really added to the visual appeal of the course.

We are sure you will be very happy with the course after this years overseed.


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