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WBVGC: Lakes Cart Restrictions Ending Early (Saturday) - Please Follow Course Cart Rules and Etiquette

Just like the Vistas course, the Lakes Course had an outstanding overseed. Thank you David, Jose and your crews for an amazing product after this year's overseed. But wait.... there is more....

David and Jose feel the Lakes course will be ready to remove cart path restriction this Saturday (11/12). Yes, you read that right, we will be on the 90 degree rule for all golfers this Saturday at the Lakes (as long as the weather cooperates).

On Saturday, please make sure to use the 90 degree rule where it makes sense and scatter when entering, driving on and exiting the hole. This is for both courses and is our general requirements year around.

This is by far the fastest we have ever been off cart path restrictions, only 6 days at the Vistas and just 7 days at the Lakes. Thank you David, Jose and your crews for such a great overseed!



  • Please keep all four tires on the cart paths 30 yards from tee-boxes and greens. There really is no purpose to park off the cart path and a few additional feet aren't saving much of a walk. If someone needs to go around you, they can and it will be better than having tires parked on the grass for a prolonged period of time.
  • Only Admin Office Issued Handicap Flags Are Allowed. If you do not have a club issued handicap flag, you will need to obtain one from the admin office. Handicap flags not obtained from the admin office will not be accepted going forward. Those with a issued handicap flag must return to the cart path within 10 yards of tee-boxes and greens.
  • Please scatter while entering, exiting and driving down the fairways. What does this mean?.... try not to drive in other's tracks or follow others while on the turf.
  • When coming to or from the golf shop and not playing, please only use the main entrance, not by driving through the course.
  • We are requiring a maximum of two carts to group unless approved by the golf shop or an extenuating circumstance has been submitted to the golf committee. This is just as we were before COVID. We have been pretty easy going regarding certain circumstances, however they will get more strict going forward. Please note, that just because you smoke does not mean you can ride alone. We do allow non-smokers to request not to ride with smokers on a per request basis.

Above is a constructive video on how to use logic with the 90 degree rule.

Course Entry Etiquette & Cart Rules
We are continuing to have members drive to the golf course by entering from roadways midway through the courses. This is both an etiquette and safety concern. Please only drive to the golf club through the main entrances, not by entering at a hole.

Over the next few months we have many family members visiting. Please remember that a golf cart is a motor vehicle and those driving must have a valid drivers license. Additionally, please do not drive through the golf courses when not playing the courses.

Please Care for Your Courses
The golf shop is pretty consistent on announcing to fix ball marks and fill divots with divot mixture, however it would appear some members are not following the request. Please make sure to fix your ball marks as well as a few others. We observed and talked to a few members on the Vistas today regarding not filling divots. Please make sure to take divot mix with you to your shot and fill your divot with mixture and any other divots you see. These are your golf courses, please take pride and care for them.

Take a look at the above video to learn the proper way to fill a divot according the USGA
USGA: Fore The Golfer: How to Repair Ball Marks

Have a great day and enjoy the great conditions!

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