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WBVGC: Open to the Public May 1 - May Rates - Summer Cooler Card - Summer Closure Schedule

We are getting ready to enter our Summer season. On May 1 we have multiple changes occurring:

  1. The golf courses will again be open to the public.
  2. We will go into May rates.
  3. The Summer Cooler Card will be available.


May Rates &  Summer Cooler Card

We will be lowering rates May 1 in transition to our Summer Rates that will begin when the heat goes up and demand begins to slow later in the Summer. We had run into a situation in 2017-2019 where we had too high of a demand for non-member play and it was difficult to accommodate the number of cooler cards we had sold. In addition, the dramatic increase in outside play at a very low fee had a negative impact on membership. The addition of our May rate structure and increase in cooler card price has added extra membership benefit, assisted with rising costs and aided in creating a better atmosphere at the club.  Below you will find the posted May Rates.


2023 Course Closure Dates

The Summer months are when our bermudagrass comes out of dormancy and boy does it grow. The bermudagrass does not begin to thrive until the Winter grass begins to disappear. The period where the winter grass starts to die and the bermudagrass starts to thrive is called "summer transition". This period is similar to the month of October when we plant the winter grass, except during the summer we keep both courses open, dont need to scalp the turf, and dont need to seed. To aid in the preparation for the summer transition each course will be closed once a week starting mid May. Once we get further into the season, course close dates are then required to keep up with course maintenance and prepare for the upcoming season. Right now is when we start actually preparing the turf to have a quality overseed in October. Please note the following summer close dates to ensure your tee time is scheduled accordingly. As the weather conditions changes, so do our close dates. You can get the latest close date schedule on our website calendar.


Open to the Public May 1

We have been extremely successful converting to a private club November-April. This is generally not an easy process, but we have gained a tremendous number of new members with this addition, our great course conditions and our very active members. Generally, through the end of April we have many of our snowbirds begin to return to their summer homes. Over the past three seasons we have had a dramatic increase in Annual membership with more and more members staying the entire summer or at least through May. We have had to readjust rates as described above as well as change tee-sheet practices to assist in retaining and gaining membership benefit.

Over the next few months you will see many tee-times blocked off with “Member Only” typed in. These are placeholders that the golf shop will periodically add to the tee-sheet to reserve for members and or add a buffer between non-member and member play. If you see one of these times in Chelsea, it is open for you, our members, and anyone you would like to bring to the club. You will need to contact the golf shop to reserve one of these times.


During the summer we begin to see many member groups schedule as three-some’s and or have many cancellation by the date of play. We have much more daylight in the summer and less play which makes three-some play possible during the hotter months. Please attempt to only reserve the times you will need and if you have changes, please notify the golf shop ASAP. Getting your final numbers correct (especially for  morning times) assists the club in maximizing revenue during these months. The revenues generated during these months assist in the formulation of your annual dues and capital improvements. During May we only allow non-members 2-day advance reservations so every bit you can help in keeping your times accurate goes a long way with revenue.

We are expecting a very warm summer, but as you annual members know, its not that bad :) Thank you for being a member of such a great club. We look forward to seeing you on the courses!

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