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Lakes Course Opens Today - Another Great Overseed - Please Follow Club Rules While at the Courses

View the Flyover from Friday, November 3rd - Course Looks Amazing!

Lakes Course Open
Today, Saturday, November 4th

The Lakes is Cart Path Only until further notice.

We experienced pretty high temperatures for most of our overseeding period. However, the weather has now become perfect, and the winter perennial rye is doing very well while it is still maturing. The Lakes Course is now open and looks amazing as a result. David, Jose, and their crews have performed an outstanding job in managing the Lakes Course through the 2023 overseeding process, and we are confident that you will be pleased with the results.

View the flyover from Friday, October 20th of the Vistas Course

As demonstrated in the video flyovers, our staff has put in a tremendous amount of effort to craft two exquisite courses for your enjoyment.

At the Vistas, the restrictions on cart paths have been lifted. We kindly ask all players to adhere to the 90-degree rule wherever applicable and to minimize driving on the grass as much as possible. Meanwhile, the Lakes Course will maintain a 'Cart Path Only' policy until further notice.

We urge you to comply with the club's policies while on the courses.


Please Fix Ballmarks on the Greens (Yours and Others)

Repairing Ball Marks: 5 Things Every Golfer Should Know (USGA Article)

Please Fill Divots with our Divot Mixture

To Fill, Or Not To Fill, There Is No Question (USGA Article)

Please Rake the Bunkers

A nice video on proper bunker etiquette and getting back into the routine after the temporary COVID rules.

Please Pair Up 2 Players per Cart (2 Carts per Group)

We've had a fantastic start to the new season. The courses are in stunning condition, and all our members have returned, fully immersing themselves in the Westbrook lifestyle! We are confident that you will be extremely pleased with the condition of the courses following this year's overseed.

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Lakes: 19260 N. Westbrook Parkway
Vistas: 18823 N. Country Club Parkway

Phone: +1 623 566 4548 - Contact Us

Upcoming Events
  • 05.30 - Honeywell @ Vistas Back-9 4:15pm
  • 05.31 - White Tank Cup @ Lakes
  • 05.31 - 18-Hole Couples @ Vistas
  • 05.31 - 9-Hole Couples @ Vistas-Front
  • 06.01 - Weekend Men @ Vistas