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WBVGC: 2023 USGA Agronomist Report

We recently hosted a Course Consulting Service visit conducted by Brian Whitlark, an agronomist from the United States Golf Association (USGA). The visit aimed to assess the condition of our courses and provide recommendations for improvements.

Attendees included Dan Benefiel, Al Curtis, Bob Harris, Robin Krapfl, Jake Lucero, Don McNamara, Jill Riedel, Brandon Evans II (Director of Golf), David Escobedo (Head Golf Course Superintendent), Jose Murillo (Superintendent, Lakes Course), Brian Gietka (USGA Green Section), and Brian Whitlark (USGA Green Section, Agronomist | Green Section | West Region).

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During the visit, Whitlark observed significant progress in turf reduction on both the Lakes and Vistas Courses since the previous year. He praised the efforts of David Escobedo, the Golf Course Superintendent, and Jose Murillo, the Superintendent of the Lakes Course, in maintaining good aesthetics and playing conditions for Westbrook Village members.

The course visit fostered discussions on various aspects of golf course playability and conditioning. The following topics were covered:

  1. Putting Greens: The greens were found to be in good health, with the Vistas greens firmer than the Lakes greens. Recommendations included utilizing spiking and small-diameter venting operations to improve water penetration and increase receptiveness, performed routinely on a monthly basis.

  2. Fairways: Slicing, a technique used to enhance water penetration, proved effective in improving fairway conditions. The agronomist emphasized the importance of a proactive transition management program for bermudagrass, including slicing, lower mowing heights, and the use of specific chemicals. Strategies to address worn turf along lake edges were also discussed, along with adjusting overseed dates.

  3. Tees: It was recommended to continue with tee leveling projects and consider converting to TifTuf bermudagrass.

  4. Turf Reduction: Westbrook Village Golf Club demonstrated ongoing efforts to reduce turf, aiming to irrigate only 85 to 90 acres per golf course. These initiatives contribute to water conservation and sustainable course management.

  5. Bunkers: While the bunkers had ample sand, compaction was an issue. Suggestions were made to use longer eyebolts on the mechanical bunker rake to routinely fluff the sand for improved playability.

The USGA agronomist's visit to Westbrook Village Golf Club provided valuable insights into the condition of the golf courses and offered recommendations for further improvement. The collaboration between club members, golf course management, and USGA representatives exemplifies a commitment to providing excellent playing conditions for Westbrook Village members. The detailed report containing additional considerations and recommendations will serve as a comprehensive resource for the club's future course management decisions.

For a more in-depth understanding of the visit and its recommendations, the complete report is available for review here. It provides a comprehensive analysis of each topic discussed, including observations and specific recommendations tailored to the Lakes and Vistas Courses.

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