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WBGC: Record-Breaking June Heat - 2024 USGA Agronomist Report - Vistas Maintenance & Aerification Starts Monday


As we experience the hottest June on record according to the National Weather Service, it's crucial to address the impact on our golf courses, specifically the cool season grasses on the greens. At both the Lakes and the Vistas courses, the overseeded cool season grass has thinned out faster than usual, resulting in noticeable bumpiness. This issue is more pronounced at the Lakes compared to the Vistas, due to differences in the Bermuda grass varieties used.

Bermuda Grass Varieties: Aggressiveness Matters

The Vistas course benefits from a more aggressive Bermuda grass variety, which aids in quicker coverage and recovery. Conversely, the Bermuda grass at the Lakes GC grows less aggressively, contributing to the current uneven playing surface. While this problem is temporary, we are actively addressing it by fertilizing the greens at the Lakes GC weekly to stimulate faster growth. We anticipate that the greens will fully recover and smooth out within the next week or so.

USGA Agronomist Report Insights

On May 20th, we hosted a USGA meeting with Agronomist Brian Whitlark, and we've received the USGA Agronomist report. This report provides valuable insights and recommendations that we are incorporating into our maintenance strategies to ensure the highest quality playing conditions.

View the 2024 USGA Report

Past Reports:

Upcoming Summer Maintenance at the Vistas

Starting Monday, June 24, the Vistas Course will close for its scheduled summer maintenance, which will last for three weeks. During this period, we will undertake several key projects:

  • Aerification of Greens: This process helps to alleviate soil compaction, enhance root growth, and improve water infiltration.
  • Bunker Work: Various bunkers will be renovated to improve playability and aesthetics.
  • Releveling the Main Vistas Range: Its been 10 years since we last releveled the main rang and we have lost about 15% in the front and back. This releveling will ensure a consistent and even practice surface on our most used range.
  • Tee Leveling and Expansion: Specific tees, including Vistas #2 white tee and Vistas #8 white tee, will be leveled and expanded.

On June 28, West Coast Turf will arrive to sod 14,000 sq ft of the 29,000 sq ft driving range tee with Tahoma 31 Bermuda grass. Additionally, they will deliver 200 bushels of Tahoma 31 sprigs. Our maintenance staff will install these sprigs on the remaining 15,000 sq ft. We plan to sod #2 and #8 tees on July 1 and July 2. We selected Tahoma 31 Bermuda grass due to its exceptional recovery from divots and its drought tolerance, making it an ideal choice for our climate.

Water Usage While Managing Summer Transition

Currently, both courses are undergoing summer transition from winter grass to Bermuda grass, with 60% to 70% of the turf now Bermuda grass. The arrival of 100-plus degree days will soon push us to 100% Bermuda grass coverage. During this transition, it's crucial to ensure the Bermuda grass receives ample water, which may result in some wet areas. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding as we navigate these necessary adjustments.

By addressing these challenges head-on and implementing strategic maintenance practices, we aim to provide the best possible playing conditions for our members and guests. Thank you for your patience and support during this period of intense summer heat and transition.

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