2024 Westbrook Invitational
Hosted by the University of Wisconsin




As the final round progresses, there is quite the excitement, with the competition narrowing down to the last 9 holes from 12 just a short while ago.

We're thrilled to present four brand-new "Meet The Player" videos, shining the spotlight on the frontrunner team, Kansas, and the formidable Mizzou Tigers. On the team leaderboard, Kansas is setting the pace, but it's not just the team competition that's heating up. Kansas's own Jordan Rothman is making headlines, now tied for the individual lead. Jordan, a seasoned competitor at Westbrook, is known not just for her skill on the course but also for her infectious laughter, giving me a run for my money as the possessor of the best laugh. Dive into the videos below and see for yourself - though I'll admit, she's the undisputed champion in that category too!

Just beyond our engaging "Meet The Player" videos, we have a fresh update from the course that's buzzing with action.


2024 Meet the Players: Kansas - Lauren Clark, Lyla Louderbaugh & Jordan Rothman
2024 Meet the Players: Kansas - Lily Hurst, Hanna Hawks & Johanna Ebner
2024 Meet the Players: Mizzou - Fleur van Beek, Ffion Tynan & Melanie Walker
2024 Meet the Players: Mizzou - Winnie Ng, Emily Staples & Addie Dobson



The overcast skies are setting a dramatic stage for an awesome finale! Kansas is currently leading the pack with a remarkable score of -36, holding a solid six-shot advantage over Oklahoma and a twelve-shot lead over Wisconsin, who's in third place. As we head into the thrilling closing 9 holes, the suspense intensifies. In the unpredictable world of golf, anything can happen, and every shot counts. Keep your eyes peeled; this is gearing up to be a finish you won't want to miss!



As the tension ratchets up on the course, Jordan Rothman of Kansas and Kelli Ann Strand of Nebraska are neck and neck at the top of the individual leaderboard, both showcasing exceptional skill at -11 overall and -3 for the day. Hot on their heels is a formidable quartet sitting just one stroke back at -10: Chloe Chan of Wisconsin, Leigha Devine of Rutgers, Andrea Bergsdottir of Colorado State University, and Lily Hurst of Kansas, making it a tightly contested race.

Adding to the excitement, three players are surging forward with remarkable momentum: Melanie Green of Minnesota, Gracie Mayo of Oklahoma, and Grace Curran of Minnesota, all -5 through their front 9 and charging up the leaderboard.

As we approach the final stretch, the atmosphere is electric, with every player pushing their limits. Let's keep the energy high and cheer them on as they navigate the last few holes of what promises to be a memorable finish!


Download the Monday Brochure with Pairings (pdf)


2024 Meet the Players: Oklahoma's Emily, Savannah, Reagan, Gracie, Isabelle, Kaylee
2024 Meet the Coach from Oklahoma: Coach V has been coming to Westbrook a long time and will do everything she can do to get her team out of that 2nd place today and into the lead!
2024 Meet the Players: K-State's Carla, Napua, Haley, Alenka & Noa
2024 Meet the Players: Sam Houston- Jennifer, Jenn, Zulaikah, Grace, & Viera
2024 Meet the Players: South Florida - Emma, Alyssa, Melanie, Alizee & Leonor. They are strong like BULL!
2024 Meet the Players: North Florida - One, Kaitlynn, Casilda, Christin & Jessie
2024 Meet the Players: UNCW - Minouche, Nicole, Malu, Mallory & Victoria
Get to know Team Minnesota's Players Isabella, Megan & Hailey. Who can juggle the best?
Get to know Team Minnesota's Players Emma, Grace & Sara
Get to know Team Colorado State - Fancy, Kara, Friendly, Sofia & Andrea
Get to know Team Wisconsin's Players Carly Carter, Kate Brody & Camille Kuznik! Carly was able to play with many of our members while she was here over the winter break!
Get to know Team Wisconsin's Players Vanessa Ho, Chloe Chan & Alexia Siehl. Wisconsin is currently just out of the lead!
Get to know Team Nebraska - Nebraska won last year and back in 2019 when our own Member Robin Krapfl was Coach of Big Red!

A huge round of applause and our sincerest thanks to all our members for your exceptional understanding and cooperation with tee-time requests this weekend. Your cooperation allowed us to accommodate every request even without the need for a Sunday double shotgun. Saturday and Monday are pretty full shotguns at the Lakes. Impressively, we still have a number of openings for Sunday at the Lakes, and we're delighted to announce that we are now welcoming members and guests to take advantage of any available spaces. This is a wonderful opportunity to watch some amazing golf at the Vistas Course this weekend. Thank you again for your assistance in making this a great weekend!

Get to know University of Wisconsin Coach Todd Oehrlein who is in his 21st year of coaching the Badgers. Todd has been officially having this event for 12 years, but they have been coming to Westbrook since 2005. There is a very strong following of Todd and his athletes. One great guy who always has a great group of players!
2023 Westbrook Invitational Awards Ceremony
2022 Westbrook Invitational Awards Ceremony
2019 Westbrook Invitational Awards Ceremony - Member Robin Krapfl was the Winning Coach from Nebraska

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